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Department of Environmental Engineering

Business and Environmental Technology Economics Lab



Research Interests

Applied Environmental and Energy Economics

Big Data

Environmental Legislation



Key Publications

Mavragani, A., Nikolaou, I.E. & Tsagarakis, K.P. (2016). Open Economy, Institutional Quality, and Environmental Performance: A Macroeconomic Approach, Sustainability, 8, 601.

Mavragani, A., Sypsa, K., Sampri, A. & Tsagarakis, K.P. (2016). Quantifying the UK Online Interest in substances of the EU Watch List for Water Monitoring: Diclofenac, Estradiol, and the Macrolide Antibiotics, Water, 8(11), 542.

Mavragani, A. & Tsagarakis, K.P.  ‘Clean energy’ vs. ‘green’ energy: quantifying the online interest in USA & Australia, Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 48, Special Issue E, 248-253.

Eftymiou, L., Mavragani, A., Tsagarakis, K. P. (2016). Quantifying the Effect of Macroeconomic & Social Factors on Illegal E-waste Trade. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13(8), 789.

Sampri, A., Mavragani, A. & Tsagarakis, K.P. (2016). Evaluating Google Trends as a tool for integrating the ‘Smart Health’ concept in the Smart Cities’ governance in USA. Procedia Engineering, 162, 585–592.