Person centred care in Health Standards organization

On 16th of January, the Health Standards Organization website published a news article about the Person Centred Care game. The article discusses the game and familiarizes the reader with the importance of the PCC approach. The article also makes distinction between person centred care and patient centred care.

About the PCC Game

The University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centred Care and the Swedish branch of the International Network of Health-promoting Hospitals and Health Services have partnered with the Swedish software company IUS Innovation to create a mobile Android and iOS game about Person Centred Care.  The goal of the game is to challenge you with a series of role-playing exercises, in different various conditions and settings, just like in real life.

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Hello Warsaw – CostCares meeting in Warsaw

On the 21 and 22 of March 2019 in the beautiful Poland capital – Warsaw, we held our 6th MC meeting. This meeting comes at a significant milestone for the CostCares project, 24 months from its start. The meeting venue was at the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw.

The meeting was hosted by prof. Roman Lewandowski, director of Voivodeship Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Ameryka in Poland. The meeting provided a productive environment for it’s participants as we tried to solve the big issues in care by introducing the Person Centred Care (PCC).

Most notable ideas discussed in the […]

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CostCares Training school

The Cost Action 15222 COST CARES, will, together with Gothenburg Centre for Person Centred Care (GPCC), organize a Training School October 15-17, 2018, in Gothenburg Sweden on the topic of how to enable efficient Person Centred Care (PCC) and Health promotion (HP).

Indicate your interest of participating by completing this on-line form.

Please find attached the following documents:

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Special Issue “Health Assessment in the Big Data Era”


Dear Colleagues,

Healthcare represents an important data source for different purposes, such as supporting diagnostic processes, predicting epidemics, improving quality of life, and avoiding preventable casualties. Traditional Machine Learning or statistical methods for data processing and analysis are no longer sufficient, as they are adapted to new conditions or replaced by novel methods suitable for large volumes of offline data or online continuous data streams. The main objective of this Special Issue is to collect papers with different views and approaches to this domain; methods motivated by the need to improve Healthcare, reduce costs, […]

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