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Department of Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Specialist of Occupational Health and Sports  Medicine

Deputy WG4

Research Interests

Patient safety

Quality Indicators in Healthcare

Stress at Work in Healthcare

Return to Work of Cancer Survivors

Key Publications

Knezevic. B., Milosevic, M., Golubic, R., Belosevic, LJ., Russo, A., Mustajbegovic, J. Work Related Stress and Work Ability among Croatian University Hospital Midwives. Midwifery 27 (2011), 2;  146-153.

Milosevic, M., Golubic, R., Knezevic, B., Bubas, M., Mustajbegovic, J. Work Ability as a Major Determinant of Clinical Nurses’ Quality of Life. Journal of Clinical Nursing 20 (2011), 19720; 1931-2938.

Golubic, R., Milosevic, M., Knezevic, B., Mustajbegovic, J. Work Related Stress, Education and Work Ability among Hospital Nurses. Journal of Advanced Nursing 65 (2009), 10; 2056-2066.

Zahariev Vuksinic, K., Knezevic, B., Bogadi Sare, A., Bubas, M., Kristo, D., Pejnovic, N. Anaphylactic reaction to latex in a Health care Worker: Case report. Acta dermatologica Croatica 20 (2012), 3; 213-215.

Knezevic, B., Zahariev Vuksinic, K., Sijakovic, A. The Prevention of HIV/AIDS Infection among Migrant Workers. Safety 54 (2012), 4; 383-388.

Key Experience

Head of Department of Quality Improvement in Healthcare (University Hospital Centre Zagreb)

Research Associate at Medical School, University of Zagreb

Lecturer at the University of Zagreb, Medical School and Faculty of Kinesiology

MC member in COST Action IS1211 Cancer and Work Network: CANWON

Head of Division for Education (Croatian Institute for Health Protection and Safety at Work)