Desmond P. CAWLEY


  Athlone Institute of Technology

Department of Nursing and Healthcare, Faculty of Science and Health,


WG2 Leader

Interests/Research Interests

Quality issues in nursing and healthcare

Migrant health needs

Nursing in Critical Care

Children with complex health needs

Mixed method research within and between paradigms

Key Publications

Brenner, M., Larkin, P., Hilliard, C., Cawley, D., Howlin, F., and Connolly, M. (2015) Parents’ perspectives of the transition to home when a child has complex technological health care needs. International Journal of Integrated Care. 15, pp.1-9.

Brenner, M., Connolly, M., Cawley, D. and Howlin, F. (2015) An Evaluation of LauraLynn@HOME: Pilot Hospice at Home Programme. Dublin: LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.

Brenner, M., Connolly, M., Cawley, D., Larkin P., Hillis R. and Fahy A. (2016) An Evaluation of Care Coordination for Children with Complex Care Needs. Dublin: Resilience Care.

Hillis, R., Brenner, M., Larkin, P., Cawley, D., and Connolly M (2016) The role of care coordinator for children with complex care needs: a systematic review. International Journal of Integrated Care. 16(2), 12. doi: 10.5334/ijic.2250.

Brenner, M., Connolly, M., Cawley, D., Howlin,F., Berry, J. and Quinn, C. (2016) Family and healthcare professionals’ perceptions of a pilot hospice at home programme for children: a qualitative study. BMC Palliative Care. 15(89) DOI 10.1186/s12904-016-0161-0.

Key Experience

2007 to-date:  Principal supervisor to-date for  seven post-graduate students.

2012-13: Coordinator and author for Clinical Skills Online edited by M. Nicol and C. Brooker at Elsevier Publishers

2016-17: In receipt of funding from the Irish Research Council, to improve the quality of service and care to individuals undergoing surgical male circumcision in the Nurture Africa Clinic, Uganda.

2016-19: External examiner for the MS in Nursing Programmes at Institute of Technology, Tralee, IR.

2016 to-date: Postgraduate Review Group/Committee at AIT,  ex officio member.