On the 21 and 22 of March 2019 in the beautiful Poland capital – Warsaw, we held our 6th MC meeting. This meeting comes at a significant milestone for the CostCares project, 24 months from its start. The meeting venue was at the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw.

The meeting was hosted by prof. Roman Lewandowski, director of Voivodeship Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Ameryka in Poland. The meeting provided a productive environment for it’s participants as we tried to solve the big issues in care by introducing the Person Centred Care (PCC).

Most notable ideas discussed in the meeting were the understanding and introducing PCC. Our host Roman gave an exiting presentation of how he started using PCC in his practice to help children with scoliosis.

Our members Vivienne BYERS and Valentina D. MARINKOVIC shared their experiences from conducting their Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) in Gothenburg and Vilnius accordingly. Expect more information about them in future. Also, you can apply for an STSM by contacting our STSM coordinator Paulo Melo.


P.S. Our group chose the slogan for accompanying the action CostCares – Person centred care 4 sustainable health systems