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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

Department of Physiology




Research Interests/Specialities

Person-centred care

Strategy development

Multi-functional interactions


Key Publication

Ekman I, Busse R, van Ginneken E, Van Hoof C, van Ittersum L, Klink A, Kremer JA, Miraldo M, Olauson A, De Raedt W, Rosen-Zvi M, Strammiello V, Törnell J, Swedberg K. Health-care improvements in a financially constrained environment. Lancet. 2016 Feb 13;387(10019):646-7

Key Experience

Scientific Advisor, GPCC

LIDDS AB, Chairman of Board

Glactone Pharma AB, Chairman of Board

Glactone Pharma Development AB, Chairman of Board

Innoext AB, Chairman of Board

Diaprost AB, Director of Board

Stayble AB, Director of Board

Oncorena AB, CEO

PULS Invest, Partner

Drug Discovery Today, Disease Models, Editor-in-Chief