Konstantinos P. TSAGARAKIS


 C:\Users\user\Music\Desktop\Tsagarakis4.jpg Democritus University of Thrace

Department of Environmental Engineering

Business and Environmental Technology Economics Lab



WG4 Leader

Research Interests

Economic Valuation

Public awareness

Big Data

Public Health

Key Publications

Mavragani, A., Sypsa, K., Sampri, A., Tsagarakis, K.P. 2016, “Quantifying the UK Online Interest in Substances of the EU Watchlist for Water Monitoring: Diclofenac, Estradiol, and the Macrolide Antibiotics”, Water 2016, 8, 542.

Loupa, G., Fotopoulou, S. & Tsagarakis, K.P. 2015, “A tool for analysing the interdependence of indoor environmental quality and reported symptoms of the hospitals’ personnel”, Journal of Risk Research, forthcoming , pp. 1-14.

Menegaki, A.N., Olsen, S.B. & Tsagarakis, K.P. 2016, “Towards a common standard – A reporting checklist for web-based stated preference valuation surveys and a critique for mode surveys”, Journal of Choice Modelling, vol. 18, pp. 18-50.

Nikolaou, I.E., Nikolaidou, M.K. & Tsagarakis, K.P. 2016, “The response of small and medium-sized enterprises to potential water risks: An eco-cluster approach”, Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 112, pp. 4550-4557.

Vangeli, P.A., Koutsidou, A., Gemitzi, A. & Tsagarakis, K.P. 2014, “Public perception for monitoring and management of environmental risk: The case of the tires fire in Drama region, Greece”, Journal of Risk Research, vol. 17, no. 9, pp. 1183-1206.

Key Experience

Director of the Busines andEnvironmental Economics Lab (BETECO)

Associate Editor, “Water Policy” Journal