University of Gothenburg

Croatian Health Insurance Fund

Heathcare Sector

Service for Healthcare contracting

Department for hospital healthcare contracting


Research Interests

Quality management systems, e-health, Health care organization and financing, healthcare policy, cardiovascular risk factors prediction and management
Public health medicine specialist
Masters of health administration, Masters of public health
Phd student (1st year) – TRIBE, Medical faculty, University of Split

Key Publications

Ivičević Uhernik A, Vajagić M, Jelavić M, Cesarec A, Lučić A, Jovanović M, Lovrić Z, Šekerija M, Resource utilisation and cost of cervical cancer and dysplasia in Croatia, European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology, Volume XL, Number 1, 2019

D. Vočanec, S. Šogorić, M. Vajagić, How to plan comprehensive interventions in the Republic of Croatia – review of the model of developing public policy investment in the early childhood development, Acta Med Croatica, 72 (2018) 225-232

Masters thesis, Leadership and management in health services: „Analysis of acute myocardial infarction hospital care in first category hospitals in period from 2012 to 2016“
Masters thesis, Public health medicine: „Effects and importance of Primary Health Care changes in Croatia for the period from 2008. – 2014.“


Key Experience

CHIF coordinator – World bank project (Program for Result) Inceasing efficiency and quality of healthcare services in Republic of Croatia (since 2013.)
Quality manager for development of quality management system for CHIF contracted hospitals and primary health care providers (since 2012)