Nemanja Rancic


  Faculty of Medicine of the Military Medical Academy

University of Defence, Belgrade

Centre for Clinical Pharmacology


Research Interests




Methodology of scientific research

Clinical trials

Key Publications

Jakovljevic, M., Jovanovic, M., Rancic, N., Vyssoki, B. & Djordjevic, N. 2014, “LAT Software induced savings on medical cost of alcohol addicts‘ care- Results from a matched-pairs case-control study”, PloS One, vol. 9, no 11: e111931.

Kovacevic, A., Rancic, N., Segrt, Z. & Dragojevic-Simic, V. 2016, “Pharmaceutical expenditure and burden of non-communicable disease in Serbia “, Front Pharmacol, vol. 7: no. 373.

Rancic, N., Dragojevic-Simic, V., Vavic, N., Kovacevic, A., Segrt, Z. & Djordjevic, N. 2016, “Economic evaluation of pharmacogenetic tests in patients subjected to renal transplantation: a review of literature”, Front Public Health, vol. 4, no 189.

Rancic, N. & Jakovljevic, M. 2016, “Long Term Health Spending Alongside Population Aging in N-11 Emerging Nations”, Eastern European Business and Economics Journal, vol. 2, no 1: pp. 2-26.

Kovacevic, A., Dragojevic-Simic, V., Tarabar, D., Rancic, N., Jacimovic, N., Katic, J., Dagovic, A. & Jakovljevic, M. 2015, ” Five-year survival and costs of care in metastatic colorectal cancer: conventional vs. monoclonal antibody – based treatment protocols”, Expert Rev Anticancer Ther, vol. 15, no 8: pp. 963-970.

Key Experience

Member of research team in six scientific academic projects

Assistant research professor at the Medical Faculty

Member of research team in three clinical trials

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “Pharmacologia”, “Frontiers in public health- Health Economics” and “Serbian Journal of Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy”