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Research Interests

Person-Centred Care

Primary qualitative research

Synthesis of qualitative research

Patient and public involvement

Process evaluations of clinical trials

Key Publications

N Britten, L Moore, D Lydahl, O Naldemirci, M Elam, A Wolf (2016). Elaboration of the Gothenburg model of person-centred care. Health Expectations; doi:10.1111/hex.12468

J Heaton, J Day, N Britten (2016). Collaborative research and the co-production of knowledge for practice: an illustrative case study. Implementation Science;11:20. DOI 10.1186/s13012-016-0383-9

R Campbell, P Pound, M Morgan, G Daker-White, N Britten, R Pill, L Yardley, C Pope, J Donovan (2012) Evaluating meta-ethnography: systematic analysis and synthesis of qualitative research. Health Technology Assessment vol 15 no 43:1-164.

N Britten, S Denford, F Harris-Golesworthy, S Jibson, N Pyart, K Stein (2015). Patient involvement in drug licensing: a case study. Social Science and Medicine; 131: 289-296.

J Murdoch, A Varley, E Fletcher, N Britten, L Price, R Calitri, C Green, V Lattimer, SH Richards, DA Richards, C Salisbury, R Taylor, JL Campbell (2015) Implementing telephone triage in general practice: a process evaluation of a cluster randomised controlled trial. BMC Family Practice; 16:47. doi 10.1186/s12875-015-0263-4