Project Description

Working group 2 (WG2) has been assigned for analysing the requirements for creating the design of a test lab. The WG has created an outline for the lab implementation and further detailed the: design of the laboratories; geographical location of the possible laboratories; content and setup of the laboratories.

Working group 2 is lead by dr. Desmond Cawley.

WG2 Brief

Promoting and designing large scale testing of innovative care systems


  • To define the logistic and organizational parameters that are necessary for the design of large scale testing of innovative care systems that will contain costs while maintaining quality of care.
  • To create the critical scientific mass necessary to proceed from small scale testing of single solutions towards relevant large scale testing of complete innovative care systems
  • To actively create support from (non-scientific) corporate and public stakeholders in order to promote large scale testing environments and the uptake of their results.


  • Organize and lead the discussion on organizational and logistic parameters for large scale study design;
  • Inform and involve stakeholders from the corporate and public arena’s to promote and stimulate large scale testing of innovative care systems;
  • Coordinate on-going research initiatives in order to create sufficient critical scientific mass to work towards large scale testing in a number of European care settings.