Project Description

WG1 Brief

Creating impetus for the execution of the EU Roadmap on cost containment and quality of care


  • To attune on-going national research to be in line with the EU Roadmap
  • To coordinate on-going research and share and integrate research outcomes and findings
  • To stimulate active, multi-disciplinary collaboration within the Action network
  • To create added interest in the proposed R&D Roadmap and proposed research topics



  • Summarise the state of the art of on-going research in the field
  • Make recommendations to attune on-going research to fit the seven topics set out in the EU R&D roadmap
  • Share and integrate research findings between Action network partners in order to encourage collaboration between network members and to stimulate a more multidisciplinary approach within the research field.
  • Share research findings within the broader research community in order to create added interest in this particular field of research.