Project Description

Working group 1 is responsible for targeting the potential stakeholders as possible research and funding partners. The WG is also reviewing the latest and most influential literature in the fields of interest.

The working group leader is Prof. Sandra Buttigieg.

WG1 Brief

Creating impetus for the execution of the EU Roadmap on cost containment and quality of care


  • To attune on-going national research to be in line with the EU Roadmap
  • To coordinate on-going research and share and integrate research outcomes and findings
  • To stimulate active, multi-disciplinary collaboration within the Action network
  • To create added interest in the proposed R&D Roadmap and proposed research topics



  • Summarise the state of the art of on-going research in the field
  • Make recommendations to attune on-going research to fit the seven topics set out in the EU R&D roadmap
  • Share and integrate research findings between Action network partners in order to encourage collaboration between network members and to stimulate a more multidisciplinary approach within the research field.
  • Share research findings within the broader research community in order to create added interest in this particular field of research.