Project Description

WG4 is responsible for information dissemination and coordination within the working groups. As part of its work, the working group created databases that represents the stakeholders of interest for each MC member state.

WG4 leader is prof. Konstantinos Tsagarakis.

WG4 Brief

European Dimension and Dissemination


  • To actively seek out and invite interested parties with on-going research within the field of cost containment in healthcare and maintained quality of care to join the Action;
  • To incorporate new Action members into the working groups and research collaborations;
  • Dissemination of all Action results of the Action within the Action network as well as to as wide an audience as possible, including stakeholders and other interested parties;
  • Coordinate new international grant proposals initiated from with the Action network of proposers.


  • Create a current and complete overview of all parties involved in research related to this Action
  • Contact interested parties and invite them to join the Action
  • Include new parties in on-going WGs and provide them with an opportunity to catch up with the rest of the Action network
  • Coordinate the scientific discussion between all WGs and summarise and disseminate Action results, outputs and findings within and beyond the Action network, in particular to the most important stakeholders (politicians, reimbursers, policy makers etc.)
  • Identify international grant opportunities and coordinate the composition of consortia and accompanying proposals.