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ramo.sendelj@gmail.com; ramo.sendelj@udg.edu.me


Interests/Research Interests/Specialities



Cyber security

Key Publications

  1. Šendelj, I.Ognjanović, “Framework for optimal selection using a metaheuristic approach and AHP algorithm”, Applications and Theory of Analytic Hierarchy Process, InTech Open Access, March, 2016, ISBN 978-953-51-4664-3

R.Šendelj, I.Ognjanović, E. Ammenwerth, W. Hackl, “Towards Semantically Enabled Development of Service-Oriented Architectures for Integration of Socio-Medical Data”, IEEE MECO 2016

  1. Injac, R.Šendelj, “National Security Policy and Strategy and Cyber Security Risks”, Handbook of Research on Civil Society and National Security in the Era of Cyber Warfare, IGI Globalpublication, October, 2015, Chapter 2, ISBN13: 9781466687936;

S.Nowakowski, I.Ognjanović, M.Grandbastien, J.Jovanović, R.Šendelj, “Two Recommending Strategies to enhance Online Presence in Personal Learning Environments”, Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning, Research Trends and Applications, Part III, Springer New York, 2014, pp 227-249, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-0530-0_11

Key Experience

2016- Coordinator of Erasmus + Capacity Building project ‘Enhancement of study programs in Public Health Law, Health Management, Health Economics and Health Informatics in Montenegro’ (PH-ELIM), Grant Provider: European Commission

2013 – current – Montenegrin Delegate in H2020 Program Committee for Research Infrastructure

2011 – current – Montenegrin Delegate in „European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures”

2006–2013-Dean of the Faculty of Information technology, University “Mediterranean” , ME

2009–2011 -Vice Rector for Education, Finance and Development, University “Mediterranean”, ME