Lewandowski 6_small.jpg Academy of Social Sciences in Lodz




Research Interests

Management in healthcare organisations, especially managerial control, trust and quality systems

Healthcare systems

Information and communications technology connected with healthcare provision

Key Publications

Kuhlmann, Ellen, Viola Burau, Tiago Correia, Roman Lewandowski, Christos Lionis, Mirko Noordegraaf, and Jose Repullo. 2013. ‘“A Manager in the Minds of Doctors:” a Comparison of New Modes of Control in European Hospitals’. BMC Health Services Research 13 (1): 1.

Lewandowski, Roman Andrzej. 2011. ‘Will Russia Cope with Healthcare Reform?’ International Journal of Clinical Practice 65 (4): 391–393.

Kuhlmann, Ellen, Viola Burau, Christa Larsen, Roman Andrzej Lewandowski, Christos Lionis, and José Repullo. 2011. ‘Medicine and Management in European Healthcare Systems: How Do They Matter in the Control of Clinical Practice?’ International Journal of Clinical Practice 65 (7): 722.

Lewandowski, Roman. 2011. ‘Financing of Therapeutic Rehabilitation in the Context of Other Non-Invasive Medical Treatment Specialties’. Polish Annals Of Medicine 18 (1): 188–201.

Lewandowski, Roman A. 2015. ‘Cost Control of Medical Care in Public Hospitals–a Comparative Analysis’. International Journal of Contemporary Management 13 (1).

Key Experience

2003 – present: General Director, Voivodeship Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Ameryka, Poland (

Consultant of Polish Agency For Health Technology Assessment And Tariff System