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The Basque Association of Family and Community Medicine Professionals – Osatzen – and Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute are pleased to welcome renowned experts in the implementation of PCC to Bilbao, Spain on October 28-29, 2019. 15 international experts from 7 countries will lead the Second Annual COST Action 15222 Person-Centred Care (PCC) Training School. The Training School will examine how PCC is implemented in hospitals and primary care centers in various countries and at multiple system levels (micro, meso, and macro). Findings from research studies on intervention and implementation effectiveness will be shared and discussed.

Over 50 participants from across Europe will have the opportunity learn about and discuss how health professionals are trained in PCC, what frameworks are used to study contextual factors influencing PCC implementation effectiveness, and how uptake of PCC can be increased via policy measures. On Day 1, participants will be engaged in small group processing after a symposium on what PCC looks like at the micro-level across countries. In the afternoon we will transition from the micro to meso level, participating in workshops to build health care professional capacities in PCC. On Day 2, participants will be engaged in workshops focused on how to carry out PCC interventions at a meso-level. In the afternoon, there will be a facilitated panel presentation and large group discussion on policy enablers of PCC at the macro-level.

To encourage the participation of students and early stage researchers, as well as professionals from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries, 14 COST scholarship grants are offered – 10 international scholarship grants of 800€ each and 4 national scholarship grants of 400€ each. To participants under 30 years of age, the Basque Government is offering financial assistance on a first come, first served basis equivalent to 20% of travel costs documented via receipts. APPLY FOR YOUR SCHOLARSHIP NOW, through September 17, 2019 via the following link:

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by September 21, 2019.


Please visit the COST Action 15222 at costcares.eu for more information and contact us there for updates about this exciting event!



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