M:\pc\Desktop\trondtj.jpg University of Oslo

Department of Health Management and Health economics

Institute of Health and Society                                                              WG1

Research Interests

Policy analysis

Health care reform

Cost containment in health care

Integrated care

Key Publications

Monkerud, L. & T. Tjerbo. 2016, “The effects of the Norwegian Coordination reform on use of rehabilitation services: panel data analysis”, BMC Health services research 16(353).

McArthur, D. Hagen, T and T. Tjerbo (2013). “The role f young users in determining long term care expenditure in Norway” Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (41(5):486-492

Tjerbo, Trond. 2010, “Does competition among general practitioners increase or decrease the consumption of specialist care?” Health Economics, Policy and Law 5:53-70.

Tjerbo, T & TP Hagen. 2009. “Deficits, soft budgetary constraints and bailouts: Budgeting after the Norwegian hospital reform”Scandinavian Political Studies 32(3):337-358

Tjerbo, Trond. 2009, “The politics of local hospital reform. A case study of hospital reorganization following the 2002 Norwegian hospital reform” BMC Health Services Research 9:212