Vilnius University, Lithuania

Kaunas Faculty

Department of Informatics


Research Interests

Artificial intelligence

Business process and information requirements analysis;

Studies of computational methods for healthcare;

Decision support systems;

Knowledge-based models of data mining;

Key Publications

Luna, Jose Maria; Cano, Alberto; Sakalauskas, Virgilijus; Ventura, Sebastian. „Discovering useful patterns from multiple instance data“ // Information sciences. Philadelphia: Elsevier Inc., Vol. 357, p. 23-38, 2016.

Sakalauskas, Virgilijus; Kriksciuniene, Dalia. „Tracing of stock market long term trend by information efficiency measures“ // Neurocomputing. Amsterdam: Elsevier BV. ,2013, vol. 109, p. 105-113.

Kriksciuniene, Dalia; Sakalauskas, Virgilijus. „Fuzzy cognitive maps and rules for modeling blog visibility dynamics“// Transformations in business and economics., ISSN: 1648-4460., Vol. 14, No. 3(36), p. 123-138, 2015

Kriksciuniene, Dalia; Sakalauskas, Virgilijus. „Targeting Advertising Scenarios for e-Shops Surfers“ // Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, LNBIP vol.263, pp. 20–28, 2017.

Key Experience

PC member of a set of international conferences and reviewer of ISI WOS journals.

Member of Spanish Research Group “Knowledge Discovery and Intelligent Systems” (KDIS) at the University of Cordoba.