Vivienne BYERS


 Vivienne Byers photograph Dublin Insitute of Technology

Department of Management

Environmental Sustainbility and Health Institute


Research Interests

Health services research

Person-centred care and involvement

Quality and patient experience


Integrated care

Key Publications

Byers, V. Fahey, D., Mullins, C. & Roe, C. (2017) (In press) “The Patient Survey Programme: Transforming the Patient Experience in Irish Healthcare”, Administration.

Byers, V. (2017) (In press) “Creativity Innovation and Change”. In E. Curtis and J. Cullen (eds) Leadership and Change for the Health Professional. Open University Press

Byers, V. (2017) “Healthcare for all in Ireland? The Consequences of Politics for Health Policy”. World Medical & Health Policy. DOI:10.1002/wmh3.217

Byers, V. (2015) “Change in Healthcare Organisations: Leadership from the front-line”, Journal of Nursing Management. DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12342

Byers, V. (2009) “Planning in the Irish health services: Legislative strategy or administrative control?”, Journal of Management & Marketing in Healthcare, vol 2, no. 1, pp. 15-27.

Key Experience

Senior Lecturer/Principal Investigator

Chair of Health Policy, Environmental Sustainbility and Health Institute (DIT)

Member of Council, Irish Academy of Management